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NDML Releases Research Into the UK’s Favourite Nightclubs

Leading insurance broker to the night-time industry, NDML, has released a list of top ten nightclubs in the UK

  • Analysis comes as part of research into the nightclub scene in Great Britain

  • Searches for nightclubs have remained consistent since 2017, and is now on the rise once again as the industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Top ten nightclubs include Fabric London, Cirque le Soir London and The Warehouse Project Manchester

NDML has announced a list of the UK’s favourite nightclubs.

Using social media and Google search trends analysis, the broker has developed the ultimate list of the UK’s favourite nightclubs. The UK’s top ten nightclubs include:

  • Fabric, London

  • Cirque le Soir, London

  • The Warehouse Project, Manchester

  • Motion, Bristol

  • Village Underground, London

  • Corsica Studios, London

  • Sugar Hut, Essex

  • Digital, Newcastle

  • Sub Club, Glasgow

  • Soup Kitchen, Manchester

NDML has released its research, alongside other unique research and stats about the nightclub scene in Great Britain. Its research, plus downloadable infographic, highlights the ongoing prominence of UK nightclubs and their importance. Despite many venues closing down, and the number of nightclub admissions decreasing, search trends indicate individuals are still searching for nightclubs frequently (though not, perhaps, as frequently as pubs and bars!)

Victoria Romero-Trigo, Finance Director at NDML, says: “NDML has been an advocate for nightclubs and the night-time industry for decades. We believe nightclubs offer a unique social opportunity, and our latest research shows that Brits still enjoy a great night out at these popular venues. As the country gradually returns from hibernation, we look forward to seeing the return of nightclubs too.”

For further information about NDML and its nightclub research, please visit the website:

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