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Brockmans Gin to Participate in Cocktails in the City

Brockmans Gin will be a sponsor of this year's Cocktails in the City charity event (11-12 September) and will be one of the innovative bars which will gloriously congregate in a London garden square. The event this year is a ‘Community Spirit Edition' to support the trade.

The occasion takes place in Bedford Square Gardens, in central London. Profits from the event go to The Drinks Trust so that every cocktail purchased raises money to support the hospitality industry.

The bar will be arranged by Brockmans' UK distributor, Cellar Trends, who have decided to work with bartenders from a mix of bars who are out of a job. Cellar Trends wanted to create a bartenders' community bar and ensure that payment for bar-tending work at the event goes directly into the hands of those industry people who needed it the most. This also avoids taking bartenders who are in employment away from their places of work at the busiest time of the week.

Brockmans Gin will be serving a signature cocktail. Tickets, which include a complimentary cocktail, can be purchased from:

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