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As Government Calls Time on the 2-Metre Rule, Time Saving App Zapaygo Offers Pre-Orders and Contactl

As pubs and restaurants across the UK digest the government’s announcement and navigate new operational challenges including spacing, capacity and sanitisation, trailblazer, Zapaygo, is proud to be helping the hospitality industry get back on its feet with its simple and inexpensive one-stop-shop solution. The app allows customers to pre-order and pay for food and drink through, reducing wait times and risk of contact through payment and collection. As well as improving speed of service it also protects both customers and staff from health-associated infections ‘(HAIs), and is a valuable communications tool between pubs and suppliers, easing management of deliveries. Notably, by its interactive nature, it is also able to easily locate customers should they need to be tracked and traced in the event of any breakout.

Owner of three pubs and Zapaygo’s CEO, Mike Fisher, former head of digital and ecommerce at Matthew Clark, is one of the driving forces behind technological advancement in the sector. As Mike explains:

“As hospitality businesses both large and small prepare to re-open, the adoption of new technologies will play a vital role ensuring businesses can still operate effectively whilst implementing government guidance.

“One of our aims for Zapaygo was to simplify the market and aggregate all customer ordering information as well as their data, and we have achieved just that.

Furthermore, Zapaygo is already integrated into Verteda EPOS, which currently serves around 70% of the UK sports and concert arenas and is now perfectly positioned to help independent and enterprise operators with a safe ‘pre-order and pre-pay’ solution. Under normal circumstances Verteda has over 1m transactions per week and will drive the mass adoption of Zapaygo.

“It also offers a marketing platform providing businesses with consumer insights and data that will improve customer service and revenue opportunities, from brand partnership to consumer rewards, without any heavy investment for business owners.

“We know the hospitality sector has suffered huge financial losses during lockdown which is why we are doing all we can to help offer a fee-free period, early adopter rates and an innovative business model, that will help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Founded in 2015, Zapaygo was just a tad too early for the mass market. Although there was plenty of hypothesising around the notions of a cashless society, consumers were less than convinced and companies were cautious, and so team Zapaygo bided its time by raising funds, securing impressive partnerships and honing the app’s many facets.

Initially Zapaygo’s focus, particularly for the consumer, was the convenience and time-saving aspects of the app. However, since Covid 19, their focus has changed, understandably, to its merits of safety. An app that removes the need to handle money, touch card machines or visit ATMs and, further still, removes the need to queue three-deep in heaving bars will be a lifeline for many independent and SME hospitality businesses.

The driver behind the app, Elliot Hall, has never wavered in his belief that Zapaygo will become a household name in the UK and across the globe. He explains:

“I wouldn’t wish Covid-19 on anyone, we’ve all faced dark times since lockdown and we’re still seeing too many casualties every day, but this pandemic has forced us all to look at the way we live our lives and to see where we can make changes for the better. Unbeknown to us, we have been getting Zapaygo ready for this very occasion for quite a few years. Mitigating the risk of spreading HAI’s (health associated infections) is just one of the many facets of the app, but it certainly wasn’t at the top of our USP list when we first went out to market.

“There are many people who have great ideas ahead of the times, but they give up too soon due to lack of funds, time or energy. Sure, there have been moments where my faith has been tested, but instead of giving up it’s made me focus harder, really sharpen my pencil and look at where we can make improvements to the app and the team.

“We also have a delivery app where venues and drivers can communicate, enabling deliveries to homes and work places, Zapaygo Delivered is in the app stores now and is B 2 B.

“Some people say, “aren’t you worried that the chains will have their own apps?” - not at all, this will drive adoption, train staff and create in-venue software systems ready to take orders as Zapaygo becomes the go to app, driven by the sports and concert venues visitors.

“By offering rewards to Zapaygo users, we increase loyalty to our customers venues over those pubs who don’t use Zapaygo.

“I’m so fortunate to be part of a brilliant team who are equally passionate, ambitious and devoted. We’ve watched companies come and go, but we’ve laid solid foundations and secured second-to-non partnerships and look forward to being part of bringing hospitality up to speed with the many facets of Zapaygo and the technologies that will transform their businesses for the better.” Our message for venues, Take Pre-Order > Create Loyalty > Increase Revenues. Our message for users, Pre-Order > Save Time > Earn Rewards.”

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