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Its Lolly Integrates With Uber Eats

- Online food delivery on the rise

- Lolly helps hospitality sector to push through the COVID-19 crisis and thrive on the other side-

With restaurants, cafeterias and bars having been closed due to the lockdown many are facing exceptional challenges to continue their operations during, and beyond, this crisis. CGA statistics show that in March 2020, 70 per cent of 35-54 years olds had either already increased, or planned to increase, their use of food delivery services due to the COVID-19 pandemic[1].

To support hospitality providers in swiftly switching to offering delivery services, It’s Lolly, the digital commerce specialist, is pleased to announce it has completed a full integration of the Lolly POS system with Uber Eats, the online food ordering company.

The comprehensive integration means the existing Lolly system works seamlessly with Uber Eats technology at every point in the process. It will cover each stage from accepting orders, to displaying orders on the Lolly Kitchen management system, to correct inventory/stock management and a single end-of-day cash reconciliation. Products can be seamlessly added or removed between the two platforms, and items can be marked as ‘out of stock’ even on a location basis – providing real order visibility.

According to research, the number of users in the eServices online food delivery segment platform-to-consumer delivery in the United Kingdom is expected to be 13.1 million in 2024[2].

Lolly hopes that their integration will support new and existing clients thrive and grow on the other side of the crisis.

Peter Moore, CEO, It’s Lolly, comments: “Our sector was seeing so much prosperity and growth prior to Covid-19. It has been very sad to witness the huge impact that the pandemic has had on our industry. We now all need to arm ourselves for the future and to ensure the correct systems are in place to safely support higher throughputs.

“We are pleased to announce this integration. Our team has worked hard to ensure completely seamless integration between our system and the Uber Eats platform. We have already had real interest from many of our existing clients. This opportunity will help them reach new customers, boost sales, and continue to be able to deliver the excellent food and drink they produce.”



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