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Venue Insight April 2020 issue OUT NOW

Well, where the hell do you begin?

For anyone that has lost their job, their business or faces losing either in the weeks and months to come due to the Coronavirus pandemic; your pain and suffering is something that we cannot take away but, hopefully you are able to utilise the help on offer to survive this awful situation. Hang in there!! It’s not going to be easy but hospitality will rise from the ashes. I’d like to also hit home with the social distancing message. It’s imperative that we all adhere to it so that we can beat this horrible disease and get some sense of normality back in our lives.

We hear EXCLUSIVELY from Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive at UKHospitality. Kate has been a beacon of light for the industry and continues to go above and beyond to ensure that the sector gets through this thing. I urge you to read every word of PAGE 6 as there’s vital information and messages of support that could really help you in your plight.

Cover stars Mechline Developments showcase their ‘HyGenikx’, the revolutionary air and surface steriliser which is being seen as an important ally in the fight against Coronavirus. Since the Coronavirus outbreak began Mechline has seen a surge in orders for HyGenikx units from foodservice and hospitality operators. The unit has now been backed by respected microbiologist Dr David Webber, who has clarified how HyGenikx performs in relation to the current Coronavirus strain – ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2’ (SARS-CoV-2).

Our good friend Helen Lowe, Events & Marketing Manager at Europa International (with a bit of help from Vin aka Van Diesel!), lightens the mood with her insightful look at the ever changing requirements and demands of the UK events industry. Nothing is off limits it would seem. So, once this has all blown over, you’ll be wanting to make your next event the best ever, you know where to turn.

Good luck going forward and STAY SAFE.


Rob Taylor


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