Feed It Back Launches Webinar Series to Support Operators During Coronavirus Crisis

Feed It Back, the leading online reputation specialists for hospitality operators, has launched a number of virtual sessions, delivered by trainers from its Feed It Back Academy, to help operators negotiate the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

The sessions, which will be hosted by Karen Turton and Mark McCulloch, will focus on how operators can market their business over the coming months, as well as what operational processes and procedures can be put into place to aid operators throughout the crisis.

The operations-focused course, led by Karen Turton, will specifically look at cleaning protocol and processes, as well as utilising existing insight and data to fine-tune the customer experience, so businesses can hit the ground running when operations return to normality. It will also shine a light on how to engage employees and reignite business after the crisis has passed.

The marketing course, led by Mark McCulloch, highlights what businesses can do in the here and now to drive footfall and the reputation of their businesses, ranging from guidance on what content to use across social channels, to articulating the wider purpose of the business by engaging and supporting the local community.

Furthermore, Feed It Back, has enhanced the support it will be giving its customers using its delivery-module, so that they can track consistency and take back control from third party providers, in order to proactively manage their brand reputation over the coming months, as the channel becomes more popular.

Carlo Platia, CEO of Feed It Back, said: “The impact of coronavirus is already immense and far reaching across the industry. At the time of writing, we have yet to receive clear guidance and support from the Government on the relief and financial support that will be required to negotiate the choppy waters of the months ahead. We have proved time and time again that we are a resourceful industry, and we are doing all in our power to pull together and support the industry and our clients with any materials, advice and guidance we can. In Mark and Karen, we have two industry experts that share our appetite for doing all they can to support the industry and we’re immensely proud to be working collaboratively to share their knowledge during this unprecedented period for the industry.”

To arrange a webinar with Mark and Karen for your business, get in touch at allears@feeditback.com


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