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Tap Into a More Natural Choice This Hydration Week - Bottled Water Brings Big Benefits

To coincide with this year’s Nutrition & Hydration Week (16th – 22nd March 2020), natural source water brand, Wenlock Spring is encouraging operators to turn their back on the tap. The rural business wants the foodservice sector to offer a healthy alternative; one that has the provenance to complement other menu choices and has the added benefit of being more profitable.

Tap water is not an appealing proposition for foodservice businesses, especially when there is a much tastier, natural alternative available. Provenance and seasonality are two of the hospitality sector’s biggest menu draws. However, many operators undermine the standards that they set for their food by serving highly processed, chemically cleansed water. A natural source water is a far better accompaniment to fine food and wine in terms of taste and quality.

Today’s discerning diners are keen to be served sustainably sourced, non-processed food and drinks. This provides managers with the perfect opportunity to showcase premium natural source water brands and maximise their profits simultaneously.

Matthew Orme, Director of Wenlock Spring, comments: “Most chef’s take pride in the ingredients they choose, yet many restaurants and bars serve their customers with filtered, chlorinated tap water. Provenance matters across the board from your meat, your vegetables, your bread to your wine list. The water you choose to serve is no different. Natural source water is an appealing proposition that shouldn’t be squandered. We strongly encourage choosing natural source water as the purest possible form of hydration.”

Natural source waters sold in the UK come from land that is protected and kept free from pollution through responsible environmental management. The water is safe to drink without any treatment or processing and it is legally required to be bottled at source to preserve its quality and unique mineral properties. In contrast, tap water can come from a variety of sources including rivers and reservoirs. It then needs to undergo industrial processes and added chlorine to allow it to travel safely from water treatment areas to the tap.

Consumption of water in the UK is projected to reach 73 litres per person by 2021[1], with each person drinking, on average, more than 50 litres of bottled water per year. Wenlock Spring is bottled at a source beside Wenlock Edge, a 19-mile limestone escarpment near Much Wenlock in Shropshire, England, that has provided people with drinking water since at least 1086. Naturally free from preservatives and additives – and of course sugar and calories – there is a growing understanding of the functional role water can play.

Containing a unique blend of naturally occurring minerals including calcium, selenium and magnesium, Wenlock Spring delivers a fresh, clean taste that has earnt this family owned business numerous awards and accolades.

Matthew Orme concludes; “Operators can tap into the trend for food and drink with exceptional provenance. By listing a premium, natural source water brand that’s exclusively available to the hospitality industry, they avoid devaluing their offer. We believe that’s a long-term benefit that extends beyond Hydration Week.”

[1] Zenith Global

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