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NDML Launches the Night-Time Industry Wellbeing Pack

The leading specialist insurance broker for the night-time industry has released a free downloadable pack to help both employees and managers improve workplace wellbeing.

NDML has released The Night-Time Industry Wellbeing Pack, a key resource to help both managers and employees prioritise their wellbeing.

Managers are encouraged to implement strategies to help improve employee wellbeing, including introducing break out areas and strategically arranging shifts. The pack empowers managers to encourage open and honest communication with employees, allowing members of staff at every level of the business to discuss their mental health. Creating a culture of acceptance can lead to the de-stigmatisation of mental health problems, which can make a hugely positive impact to the workplace.

Night-time industry workers face a number of unique challenges, with many working irregular shift patterns or throughout the night. The Wellbeing Pack offers information for employees to help them manage their own wellbeing, including: nutritional advice, mindfulness exercises, top tips and a list of key resources.

The pack also includes a Wellbeing Risk Assessment, designed to help owners and managers of licensed premises identify key risk factors for employee stress and put measures in place to improve.

NDML has released the pack to help raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. Engaged employees are more productive, resulting in better customer service. Wellbeing strategies can also save businesses money, as employee wellbeing leads to higher staff retention and lower absence rates.

Victoria Romero-Trigo, Director of NDML, says:

“As a business, workplace wellbeing is one of our main priorities. 89% of our staff would actively recommend working here – but it’s a shame to say the same can’t be said for some businesses in the night-time industry. Employee turnover rate is often quite high, with many employees in the industry experiencing high stress levels and mental health problems. The industry is an exciting, thriving environment to work in and has many benefits for employees. With the right wellbeing strategies in place, businesses within the night-time industry can ensure they look after their team which will, in turn, have a positive impact on their business.”

NDML provides insurance cover for a range of businesses in the night-time industry, including nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and many more. The business prides itself on providing exceptional service, with experts always on hand to offer personal assistance and advice. The Wellbeing Pack is just one of many ways the business provides added value to both its customers and the industry as a whole.

NDML is part of the Romero Group, which is dedicated to being a progressive force in the insurance broking industry. Workplace wellbeing specialists We Are Wellbeing has recently been welcomed into the group of businesses, providing access to tailored wellbeing programmes to both the group’s employees and its customers. These services include training sessions, 1:1 coaching, health checks and seminars on a range of wellbeing subjects. Since implementing its new wellbeing programme, there has been a 14% increase in engagement with wellbeing initiatives.

The Wellbeing Pack serves as a timely reminder of the importance of workplace wellbeing for night-time industry specialists. The industry faces a number of complex challenges, and finding strategies to overcome these is paramount to ensuring employees thrive both personally and professionally.

For more information about NDML, and to download The Night-Time Industry Wellbeing Pack, please visit the website (

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