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Introducing Blixr – A New Way for Venues to Promote Their Offering

Social exploration app blixr goes live in the UK – with the aim of bringing relationships back into the real world and disrupting the way people connect. The app is designed to help users explore new experiences and restaurants - whilst also connecting with others for friendship or romance. Users can take their new connection offline in three easy steps; connect, chat and then choose from a lean, handpicked list of activities - perfect for arranging a meet-up or date.

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), uniquely personalised experiences and food options are suggested for each user and also for each of their matches. As such blixr takes the pressure off deciding what to do when meeting someone new. There is an additional set of unique features - which do not exist in other apps - to help users connect better.

Users express themselves through an interactive profile that focuses on shared interests as opposed to aesthetics. Profiles clearly state what the user is looking for in terms of friends, dates and experiences. Simply select TeamUp to find like-minded friends or DateUp to begin searching for romance.

Security and privacy are also paramount to the app - blixr addresses many of these issues that people face when using social media platforms and dating apps. All matches made by the app expire after ten days unless a date is setup - combating the long-term predatory techniques used by catfishers and thus creating a healthier online environment. The app will speed up the connection process and avoid users being trapped in a ‘digital pen-pal’ scenario – which reduces the anxiety and stress factors.

Nomin Bayaraa, blixr co-founder, commented on the launch: “My friends and I have expressed concerns with stalkers and catfishers on other apps. It is for this reason blixr uses several security and privacy protocols to address and avoid these issues. These enhanced measures include manual photo verification, comprehensive controls over personal information and a unique name display option for added privacy.”

Countless venues have already signed up - including bars, restaurants, speakeasies, escape rooms and immersive theatre experiences to name a few. blixr will transform the way merchants and entertainment providers work with mobile apps. Through blixr, partners can host, market and manage their own listings to attract new customers who will be taken directly to their own sites to make bookings.

Nomin concludes: “Our happiness is determined by the quality of our relationships. In today’s hectic lifestyle these are becoming more superficial – fuelled by the desire for perfection and the fact that many people curate ‘the perfect life’ on their social feeds. I firmly believe that Generation Z is the most connected amongst us - yet many of them feel emotionally disconnected on a meaningful level. The very nature of online dating and digital technologies mean that people do not build solid connections in the real world anymore. Instead, we accumulate likes and followers without enjoying the real-life experiences that bring us together as the social species we are. blixr addresses this issue in a quick, fun and convenient way - we bridge the void between making online and offline connections. We make connecting easier and solve the first-world problem of decision fatigue!”

The app is free to download on both iOS and Android devices.

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