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London to Lima Gin Launches Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur

The London to Lima Gin Distillery in Peru is set to launch London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur in the UK. This is the second expression to come from London to Lima Gin. The original gin is made with Peruvian Quebranta grapes that have been used for centuries to make the national spirit, Pisco.

The distilled spirit is macerated with mulberries which are hand-picked in Peru close to the distillery. Amazonian Coca leaves, from the same supplier as the world’s largest cola brand, are also added, along with wild honey to make a rich and delicious gin liqueur.

The two expressions have a different Peruvian animal on the label. The Mulberry & Coca bottle features a Spectacled Caiman, whilst the original gin features the Spectacled Bear. The name “Spectacled Caiman” comes from a bony ridge between the eyes which looks like a pair of spectacles. A member of the Alligator family and native to South America, the Spectacled Caiman’s tears also provide butterflies and bees with minerals.

Tasting note: London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur is bursting with berries on the palate with bright citrus and pink pepper spice and finishes with warmth and velvety chocolate notes.

Traditional botanicals, used to make the original gin expression, include juniper berries, orris root, angelica root and cassia. London to Lima Gin also includes more exotic Peruvian botanicals such as coriander seeds, lime, orange, aguaymanto (more commonly known as physalis) and pink peppercorn grown around the distillery. The use of a grape-based spirit to make London to Lima Gin was inspired by the oldest known recipe for gin in Europe from 1495, which also used grapes as its base. The gin is distilled three times and blended with water from glaciers in the Andes. With over 50% of gin being water, founder Alex was inspired to source the purest Andean glacial spring water from the summits of the Cordillera Blanca, after completing the trek himself, making it a true spirit of adventure.

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