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Glen Moray’s New Essentials for Mixologists

With a view of championing the versatility and diversity of Single Malt, Glen Moray has held a series of Old-Fashioned Masterclasses hosted by World’s Best Spirits experts, Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison, in the run up to Old Fashioned Week with the aim of changing perceptions around the use of single malt whiskies as an ingredient in cocktails.

As part of this programme, and in recognition of the interest from mixologists in creating cocktails using single malt whisky, the Glen Moray team has created its own bespoke Glen Moray Bitters. The aromas and flavours of the Glen Moray Bitters are drawn from the maceration and distillation of rosemary and pepper with natural quinquina, dry gentian, absinthe, angelica and whisky. Just a few drops of Glen Moray Bitters can elevate a malt whisky-based cocktail and are the perfect addition to an Old Fashioned cocktail.

On the nose Glen Moray Bitters initially has notes of Angelica and then a warm note of whisky and wood. Angelica is also the initial flavour when tasting the bitters which develops into Gentian Bitterness and Quinquina (Cinchona). The finish is smooth and well balanced with whisky and plant notes.

Glen Moray Bitters are bottled at 46% abv and will be offered to bartenders and mixologists via the Glen Moray Sales Team. The bitters will also be showcased at masterclasses, pop ups and food and drink festivals over the coming months.

The world famous Griottines Cherries, which are part of the La Martiniquaise-Bardinet company which owns Glen Moray Distillery, are also launching in the UK this October. Not only is a cherry an essential addition to a classic Old Fashioned cocktail, but Griottines Cherries are held in the highest regard by bartenders and mixologists the world over.

If you are still unsure about experimenting and creating your own Old Fashioned Cocktail, World’s Best Spirits have created excellent short film guides to making an Old Fashioned. Please click on the link to see how to create a Glen Moray Classic Old Fashioned and a Glen Moray Fired Oak Old Fashioned.

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