UK Launch of Dutch Gin Made to a Royal Recipe

A new gin from the Netherlands is being launched in the UK. Founders of the Amsterdam Craft Gin Company, Alexander Janssens and Patrick van der Peet, created Gin 1689 based on an original 300-year-old recipe from the time of King William III of England, also known as William of Orange, and Queen Mary II, found in the archives of the British Library.

The founders spent two years searching the archives of the British Library for the recipe whilst living in London and were excited to uncover the secret recipe in the rare books section. The recipe lists the original ingredients, but the exact quantities were concealed by a code created by the company of Distillers of London, which proved unbreakable. They acquired the exclusive rights to the recipe and tasked the master distiller at Herman Jansen in the Netherlands, a family distillery dating back to 1777, to recreate the gin recipe for them.

Distilled with the same botanicals as the 1689 recipe, the gin is a classic juniper style spirit in a distinctive royal blue bottle with luxurious gold lettering. Other botanicals include dried quince and pippin (apple), lemon and orange peel, nutmeg, aniseed, and clove.

Janssens says, “We are really excited to introduce Gin 1689 to the discerning gin market in the UK. It is the rebirth of an ancient premium gin recipe dating back from the time that the gin craze started in the UK. With our distinctive packaging and great tasting liquid, we’re confident that we can make a mark here. I was thrilled to discover the recipe whilst working in London and spending time in the British Library, as we knew William of Orange brought his Jenever recipe over to England when he became King; the beginning of gin’s popularity.”

Gary Hazell, Managing Partner of Distilled Brands, says, “We’ve begun introducing Gin 1689 to our customers in the UK and have had very positive feedback from the trade. The stand-out bottle and great tasting liquid is finding a place for itself in the on-trade and we look forward to working with Alexander and Patrick to spread the word about their Royal gin to the off-trade as well.”

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