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Staying Switched On With Industville

Industville London Showroom

Venue Insight catches up with Natalia Georgiadou, Marketing Communications Manager at Industville — makers of handcrafted, high quality, uniquely designed industrial style lighting and furniture. It’s likely that your favourite bar, restaurant or coffee shop is lit by their uber-trendy designs.

Natalia Georgiadou, Marketing Communications Manager at Industville

Q: OK, straight for the jugular! Why Industville? What makes you guys different from similar companies out there?

A: We have a wide variety of products that are all handcrafted and of the highest quality while also being remarkably versatile. With over 1,000 variations of products, customers can create numerous unique combinations that can mix and match to create a distinctive design across all interiors, whether it’s commercial or residential. Our products are also very affordable, especially when you take into consideration that they are made with raw materials such as copper and brass. We put our customers first; our support team are extremely helpful, and because of this, we have a lot of regular buyers. Since we do the design in-house and produce the products ourselves, we can keep our customers updated every step of the way.

We have the ability to stock large amounts of products which enables our clients to receive what they need fast and efficiently. A key driver behind our success, apart from the unique, versatile product, is our rapid adaptability and constant evolution that makes us unique.

Q: Just how bespoke can an install be? Are there certain guidelines that have to be stuck to religiously?

A: In a short answer; as bespoke as you wish! One of the main guidelines that we do stick to is that the raw materials we use for all our ranges that are high-quality and timeless. We have a design team in-house and can produce prototypes.

With our free lighting design service, customers will receive a detailed and accurate plan for achieving the ideal lighting for your space. Our design service offers Lux Level calculations, lighting layout and design, as well as consultation and technical advice. This will enable the customer to work with our team and bring your vision to life. The design service team can also advise the customer on how to mix and match our variety of components to create a bespoke light for their interior.

Q: You guys work with some iconic brands and establishments such as Brewdog, Pizza Express, Caffe Nero, Paul’s Bakery, Superdry & Next to name but a few. How does a job for a household name get off of the ground?

A: We do work with some amazing brands, that have great ideas about their interiors and with the help of our team, we make sure to bring their vision to life! Over the years, we have built some great relationships with numerous architects that always recommend us and trust our brand.

The first step to getting the project off the ground will be them discussing with our in-house team their vision and our team giving them multiple solutions to choose from. Next, our sales team will provide them with a detailed breakdown of the cost and time it will take for the products to be delivered. Our attractive prices and quality are what makes them keep coming back and recommending us, also the fact that we have five‑star trust pilot reviews reinforces our quality and service.

Q: Industville is at the top of its game in the lighting, furniture and design field. Going forward into an uncertain era for the UK will you stick to what you know best or are there any development or expansion plans in the pipeline?

A: We are always looking ahead to what the future may bring! We are very excited about the future of the company and have big plans for further international expansion while sustaining the best customer service worldwide. The fact that we design and manufacture our own products also enables us to hop-on any new and emerging trends almost immediately.

Q: A bit of fun for the final question. A client has an endless budget and wants you to create something truly spectacular for their new trendy bar/restaurant. What would you suggest if they needed some inspiration?

A: Oh, I really like the sound of that! We are all about inspiring our customers, big or small; we have something for everyone. Our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages are a daily source of inspiration! Additionally, our website has a tab dedicated to inspiration, where you can find all our blogs and projects to get enthused. Customers can also sign up to our weekly newsletter that keeps them up to date with all the latest trends.

Another option is to visit our showroom or one of our numerous re-sellers showrooms around the UK and EU. These consist of our multiple lighting ranges; our sales team will be more than happy to show them around. Furthermore, we offer consultations with our lighting design team; who’d love to share their creativeness and create something truly unique.

Another source of inspiration is visiting our clients’ establishments where you can see the lights up and close. So why not pop into your nearest Caffè Nero or Pizza Express and have a look at our lights!

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