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Startle Partners With Owdoo to Digitalise Rock and Roll Bingo

Startle, specialists in creating unique music and technology experiences for retail and hospitality brands, has teamed up with Rock and Roll Bingo founders Owdoo to create a fully digitised version, bringing the UK’s number one pub music game into the modern age. Currently played at thousands of pubs, clubs and charity events across the country, with tens of thousands of players each week, the partnership will give pubs playing Rock and Roll Bingo the opportunity to move from dabbers and bingo cards to smartphones.

The new, paper-free Rock and Roll Bingo will relieve much of the hassle for operators, saving them time and resulting in a better, slicker experience.

The new fully-digitised game will be easy for operators to use. Games can be launched at any time of day, or pre-scheduled using an in-venue Startle Player that connects to the internet and sound system. With over forty genres and themes to choose from, the new digitised format enables pubs to deliver unique games every time for added variety, as well as promoting the pubs taking part within the app.

To put their music knowledge to the test, budding quizzers will simply download the free Rock and Roll Bingo app via Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Once they are registered, players can pick the local venue they’re playing at, opting to go solo or as part of a team. The digital bingo cards, each with lines of boxes containing a track by a particular artist, appear on users’ smartphones, with players crossing off songs that appear on their cards as they are played throughout the game.

Adam Castleton, CEO of Startle said; “We’re thrilled to be working with Owdoo, combining their experience in the industry and our expertise in all things music and tech to create a more modern gaming experience that is the same great fun. With Rock and Roll Bingo Digital, pubs have the option to go paperless, and before long we aim to have participants from across the country playing together. Using our vast database of music, we’ve helped to create over forty different genres and themes for operators to choose from, bringing Rock and Roll Bingo to a new generation, whilst adding new and more current tracks for the game’s loyal customers around the world.”

Michael Laing, Owner and Managing Director of Owdoo, said; “Partnering with Startle to digitise Rock and Roll Bingo is an exciting next step in the growth of the game. Bringing together Startle’s unrivalled knowledge of technology, music and creating engaging experiences for consumers, with the fun and excitement of Rock and Roll Bingo, helps to put us at the forefront of the future of pub entertainment.”

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