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Hit the Back of the Net With New Football Quiz From Startle

Leading technology and music provider, Startle, has launched a new industry-leading quiz for venues that show live football matches, played through a customer’s smartphone. An innovative match prediction quiz which will turn a 90-minute football match into a longer, full sport experience, MatchReader has been cleverly designed to draw customers into a venue prior to a game starting. What’s more, through direct engagement which invites players to guess the outcomes of a match in order to win instantly redeemable prizes, dwell-time post-match is also increased.

Ahead of each game, MatchReader will ask players a series of questions though a Facebook Messenger bot, giving them the chance to channel their inner Gary Lineker and make their best predictions on the outcomes of a match. Correct answers can lead to instant prizes, such as a free drink, which are redeemed at the bar through a QR code. The fast-paced nature of the quiz, which will ask players to make estimates on events such as the time of the first goal, halftime score and number of red cards, ensures that the game is fun, engaging and adds an extra layer of excitement to any football experience, even for those who are a football novice. The offer of a reward will also boost further customer engagement throughout the match to see how they’ve faired. By encouraging customers to take part, operators create a reason for fans to arrive ahead of a game and stay longer afterwards to see if they have won the ultimate MatchReader prize – tickets to the Premier League – as well as redeem their on-the-day winnings.

CEO of Startle, Adam Castleton, comments, “At Startle, we have really thought about how we can help our customers create the best possible memorable experiences for consumers when they visit a venue. There is so much more competition, not just from other pubs or bars, but from live streaming services, making it imperative that venues are offering something that little bit different to ensure cut-through. Consumers will want to arrive ahead of time to play against their friends and family – and of course the rest of the nation in order to win the coveted Premier League tickers. The simplicity of MatchReader does just this, with all consumers, regardless of their football knowledge, having the ability to take part in the quiz. This then creates that experience that consumers not only want, but expect from venues today. And, of course, who doesn’t love an interactive pub quiz!”

MatchReader is now available to purchase. For further information, please contact the Startle team:

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