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Old Mout Unveils the Exotic Taste You’ve Been Pin(e)ing For!

  • New Zealand-born cider Old Mout has given an exotic twist to a much-loved berry, with Pineapple & Raspberry the latest addition to its range.

  • Exotic flavours within the Premium Flavoured Cider category are experiencing 20% annual value growth, with Old Mout driving this trajectory.[1]

  • Naturally fruity and refreshing in taste, Old Mout’s NEW Pineapple & Raspberry variant performed exceptionally well in consumer taste tests – receiving the highest score in the history of HEINEKEN UK for a flavoured cider.

Capitalising on the popularity of exotic flavours and the brand’s impressive +34% value share growth[2], New Zealand-born cider Old Mout is expanding its innovative range of fruit flavours, with the addition of Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry.

Within the Premium Flavoured Cider category, exotic flavours are increasing in popularity, driven largely by a younger generation who are looking for sessionable fruit ciders in original, unique flavours. Scoring extremely high in taste tests, Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry contains the same 4.0% ABV as the other Old Mout variants, resulting in a refreshing cider bursting with tantalisingly, tropical fruit flavour. What’s more, like every one of Old Mout’s ciders, each has a natural taste including no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

With pineapple going head to head with avocado as the UK’s fastest growing tropical fruit and hopes for another hot British summer on the horizon, Old Mout’s fusion of sweet pineapple and juicy raspberry is set to be the ‘next big thing’ – a must stock, that’s sure to be a hit with customers and consumers alike.

What’s more, as a brand that is conscious of its impact on the planet and committed to sustainability, all Old Mout packaging is 100% recyclable. Following the huge success of its 2018 campaign to help save the kiwi bird, 2019 is set to be an even bigger year for Old Mout, on its mission to raise awareness of protecting the environment.

HEINEKEN Cider Director, Emma Sherwood-Smith says, “We believe our new exceptional, exotic flavour will have mass appeal, delivering on 2019 foodie trends, great taste and marrying nicely with our sustainability agenda too. A recipe set for success, Old Mout’s latest NPI is guaranteed to help licensees realise the full potential of their cider offering and boost on-trade sales.”

Old Mout is the most differentiated cider brand in the on-trade, delivering +34% value share growth and has the strongest ROS growth in the cider category[3]. For customers interested in listing Old Mout Pineapple & Raspberry (4.0% ABV), please contact your HEINEKEN sales representative for more information.

[1] CGA Strategy – 52 w/e 6th Oct 2018

[2] CGA 2019 FY value growth

[3] CGA 2019 FY value growth

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