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Rave of Thrones: An Immersive Game of Thrones Music Spectacular Comes to London

Winter is here and the Master of Coin has signed off a budget on entertainment and merriment to keep spirits high. From the commoners and smallfolk through to the squires and knights of the Kingsguard, all are invited to a party within the great and ancient Electric Castle of Westeros.

The Rave Of Thrones immersive music experience lands in London on April 26th at Electric Brixton in line with the launch of Season 8. Expect spellbinding levels on venue transformation, with live actors and performers all around the venue and on-stage throughout the evening. White walker entrances and blizzards will fill the castle stage creating impromptu sword battles while lookalikes and VIP meet and greets will create a true Game Of Thrones immersive event that even the most die hard fan will enjoy. Hodor will provide the soundtrack alongside a Westeros castle replica backdrop with flamethrowers, secret side events and more. No expense has been spared in transporting ticket holders into the Game Of Thrones universe for one night only.

Enter with a band of Wildlings or Westeros noblemen and women to enjoy the bone trembling sound system in favourite Game Of Thrones attire. Attendees can expect to brush shoulders with Daenarys and her remaining dragon children, Jon Snow will be showing his strength and warrior skills around Electric Brixton, with sword fighting Wildlings and knights, fire dancing with weapons and relics of Westeros hanging from all corners of the venue. Kristian Nairn AKA Hodor will headline the event, an established DJ in his own right as well as being an actor, spinning house at nights all over the world. This will be the first event in London to bring the immersive elements of the show together, harnessing all aspects of the Game Of Thrones experience in to one event. Other talent on the bill includes My Friend, Goldierocks, Laura Pradelska and Muzz Khan. A replica Iron Throne has been commissioned for all to experience during the course of the evening as the story of ice and fire will be spun to the tune of classic house and dance favourites for 2,000 lucky party goers of Westeros. #raveofthroneslondon

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