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Blog: Tanqueray’s New Global Campaign Puts Taste at the Forefront

From weird and wonderful botanicals to strange G & T garnishes, when it comes to gin - isn’t it time we got back to focusing on what’s most important: the taste?

Launching in November, Tanqueray’s new global campaign “Unmistakably Tanqueray” aims to bring the conversation back to taste and the unmistakable flavour of its iconic gins.

This new multi-million-pound campaign, showcases a bold message that Tanqueray’s flavour is so distinctive and perfectly crafted that you don’t even need to see the iconic green bottle to know that you are drinking Tanqueray gin.

Developed with leading creative agency St Luke’s Communications, the artwork featuring blindfolded models with an iconic Tanqueray and tonic in hand, will be the showcased on OOH, print and digital around the world.

Global Head of Tanqueray, D-J Hageman, said “As the world of gin continues to grow, it is getting ever more confusing about which one to choose. We want to bring the conversation back to what really matters – taste.

“For nearly 200 years, Tanqueray has always had an unwavering attention to taste and quality over anything else. Back in 1830 our founder, Charles Tanqueray searched the globe for the world’s best ingredients, ultimately choosing juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice for his iconic perfectly balanced Tanqueray London Dry.

“To this day we still use these same four botanicals when making Tanqueray London Dry and we also use them at the heart of all of our variants – it is these core botanicals that make all of our gins so distinctive and full of flavour.”

And it seems that the leaders in the industry agree, with 90%[1] of bartenders surveyed at this year’s World Class Global Bartender of the Year Competition, when put to a blind taste test, they choose the Tanqueray London Dry and tonic vs the leading competitor.

It is this unmistakable taste and quality that has also created a loyal following within the bartending community, with Tanqueray being voted as the bartenders’ favourite gin in the Drinks International Brands Report[2] again this year – the fifth time it has won this award.

Tanqueray Master Distiller, Terry Fraser said, “At Tanqueray we are driven by quality, with only one in ten of all botanicals received at the distillery having the superiority and characteristics to go into Tanqueray.

“It is this attention to detail and the perfect balance of botanicals that really makes our taste unmistakable – trust me once you’ve experienced Tanqueray, you’ll never look at gin the same way again.”

[1] 147 out of 163 bartenders chose Tanqueray and Tonic in a blind taste test vs the leading competitor brand.

[2] The Bartenders’ Choice - Drinks International Brands Report (2018)

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