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Beacon highlights the latest trends in tipples for operators to take note of this summer

Summer’s in full swing, and after predictions that the country will be experiencing hotter-than-average weather until the end of August[1] now’s the time to embrace seasonal alcohol trends. As such, Beacon, Britain’s leading purchasing company, is highlighting the latest top tipples to tempt consumers out of home to quench their thirst.

Richard Judge, Commercial Director at Beacon, working alongside some of its leading suppliers, is encouraging operators to take advantage of popular drinks trends in order to satisfy consumer demand:

“Summer provides operators with the perfect opportunity to refresh their offering and take note of the latest trending tipples. During the FIFA World Cup we naturally saw pubs predicted to be busier and more beer to be consumed[2], but now the major sporting occasion has come to an end operators need to appeal to consumers to keep them enjoying a drink out of home. By utilising a few simple trends, operators will be able to entice customers and get ahead of competitors for the rest of the season.”


Nothing tastes like summer quite like a delicious, fruity cocktail, which proves to be a leading category for drinkers this season. Research from CGA shows that the availability of cocktails is rapidly growing, with one in three outlets now stocking these as options, and 8.7 million consumers choosing cocktails outside of the home. Operators would do well to integrate a varied cocktail range into their offering.

Getting fruity

Whilst the introduction of fruit cider in 2005 was originally snubbed, insight from one of our suppliers, Heineken UK, states that things have been getting fruity, as the drink is a huge trend this summer. Interestingly, sales of fruit cider add up to 27% of all UK cider sales[3]. Therefore, we strongly urge operators to stock fridges with a range of fruit flavours to appeal to consumers, and to have a desirable option available on draught, which Heineken UK state is particularly popular.

That’s the spirit

Spirits retain their place as a trend this summer, with two thirds of alcohol drinkers opting for them as their beverage of choice; representing 58% of the UK’s adult population according to insight from CGA. Statistics also reveal that gin is the leading choice, contributing to 63% of the spirit market growth from this year alone, while flavoured vodka is also seeing boosted sales figures. Therefore, we would recommend operators offer a varied spirit selection, including a wide variety of gins as well as flavoured vodka, in order to get ahead of competitors this summer and tempt customers through the door.

Premium tipples

A premium drink no longer means simply cracking open a bottle of bubbly. Research from CGA highlights that gin plays a key role in offering consumers a quality, albeit more costly, product stating that it has a value growth of 37.4% during the first quarter of 2018 alone. This highlights the appetite consumers have for gin and the expandability of its category, as well as the willingness of consumers to pay more for it. In order to offer a premium experience, we encourage operators to expand their gin selection and maximise the potential earnings from this in-demand spirit.

By taking advantage of the latest alcohol trends this summer, including cocktails, fruit ciders, gin and flavoured spirits, operators are able to satisfy consumer demand, get ahead of competitors and also attract a wider audience, helping to boost sales and profits.

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