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The Magic Roundabout Presents: The Beatles - A Mad Day Out Revisited 50 Years on

Celebrate the anniversary, see the sculptures first hand, meet the photographers, and enjoy an acoustic Beatles performance from one of the country’s top covers bands.

On a warm July 28th in 1968, 50 years ago this month, The Beatles went on ‘The Mad Day Out’, a phrase coined by now legendary photographer, Tom Murray. One of the iconic locations visited around London that day was Old Street roundabout, the exact site on which the Magic Roundabout bar and club now stands. Exactly 50 years on to the day, Tom Murray returns to the site with his book about ‘The Mad Day Out’, featuring the photograph that has inspired a new sculpture. To commemorate this famous moment, attendees are welcome to join The Magic Roundabout team from 1pm – 3pm on 28th July 2018 and celebrate the anniversary on which the fab four were last photographed together. With the redevelopment of Old Street roundabout, this will be the last summer in which The Magic Roundabout stands and attendee’s last chance to see the plinth in original form.

Within the walls of the club is the very plinth on which The Beatles stood before being photographed by war photographer, Don McCullin, Royal photographer, Tom Murray and several others, including Ronald Fitzgibbon, Stephen Goldblatt, Tony Bramwell and Mal Evans, with Gary Evans. Both Yoko Ono and Francie Schwartz accompanied John and Paul through the day. Tom, who was 25 at the time, is now a famous award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in many leading magazines.

Using a wooden plank they climbed to the top of a concrete plinth in the middle of the island. Here they posed for more than 100 photographs, including one taken by Tom Murray that appears to show John, George and Ringo saving Paul from falling backwards off the edge.

Don McCullin, one of the photographers of the day said “We reached Old Street roundabout and I just asked them to get up on it. Once they were on the roundabout they obviously thought they might as well do something and performed completely spontaneously for me. You can't direct people like that. The choreography was theirs. The taxi drivers couldn't believe it as they came round and caught this free show.”

As part of the celebration Andrew Edwards brings a new sculpture maquette capturing one of the iconic moments on the famous Old Street plinth captured by Tom Murray, as well as full size replicas of his famous Liverpool dock front sculptures of The Fab Four. Opening times: Saturday 28th July 2018 1 - 3pm

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