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Fireball @ 2000 Trees 2018 - A Flaming Hot Weekend!

This week, we caught up with our turbo favourites Fireball UK to find out all about their time spent at this years 2000 Trees Festival, an alternative rock festival that is making serious waves in the UK music scene. We will be trying our best to get to next years awesome festival after hearing about it all from Fireball, that's for sure.

Fireball love sponsoring independent music festivals. It’s where the most passionate music fans go to discover new up and coming bands – the exact sort of bands they also love working with.

Mainstream festivals, labels etc dominate the airwaves and sponsored playlists. It is apparent that Fireball strive to support the smaller guys because the regional scenes are so important in creating new, meaningful and much loved bands, whether they end up chart toppers or serial tourists.

At this years 2000 Trees festival - based at Upcote Farm in Withington near Cheltenham - Fireball sponsored the Cave Stage, playing host to some incredible bands like Ho99o9, Black Peaks, Creeper and loads more. They even came across some incredible new bands, which really is what going to a festival is all about! It seems the festival organisers really know their stuff in terms of what's hot in the UK music scene at the moment - a few Fireball favourites were Vodun and Blood Command, to new a couple! (Check them out for your venue).

A major highlight of the festival was Fireball's very own sampling tent, operating 5ml samples for a couple of hours each day of the festival, and also a prize wheel which people span to win prizes and perform silly challenges. The only entry requirement was to stick a Fireball temp tattoo on your face, and who doesn’t love one of those!

Fireball, it seems, are all about the giving. Enhancing the consumers’ experience, helping awesome festivals out with sponsorship and of course hanging out with all the great bands. Whether they end up having a bunch of Fireball shots with the Fireball staff is really incidental… but obviously preferred!

Twitter - @FireballUK

Instagram - fireballuk

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