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Summer Salad Prices Set to Soar!

Following news that lettuces could be in short supply due to the spiralling temperatures across the UK[i], it has now been revealed that prices of the summer salad staple could be set to soar by up to 25% if the heat wave continues, according to Beacon, Britain’s leading purchasing company.

Information from Beacon supplier Ribble Farm has revealed that fresh produce products, such as lettuce, watercress and broccoli, are expected to rise in price by approximately 25%. This is a result of the unusually scorching summer Britain has been experiencing, affecting the quality of produce available and therefore the quantity. Farmers are subsequently being forced to charge more for products, to compensate for the loss of produce.

Insight also suggests there are quality concerns over delicate products including broccoli and cauliflower, due to rapid deterioration in the heat.

Paul Connelly, Beacon MD, commented:

“Although Brits might be enjoying the hot weather, our fresh produce definitely is not, with suppliers noting a decrease in quality stock, and therefore supply, which could see prices rise by approximately 25%. It’s currently difficult to tell what the full consequences will be and while it’s a possibility, it is unlikely that these increases will immediately impact menu pricing and be passed on to consumers. However, with a simple summer salad a great dining choice in the hot weather, we may see an impact to consumers in the months to come if the sizzling summer continues, demand for produce increases and reduced supplies continue.”

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