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ESSA announces date and venue for 2018 conference

The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) has today announced that its 2018 conference, dinner and awards will be held at the MK Arena, Milton Keynes, on 29th November with BeMatrix UK coming back as headline sponsor.

The conference makes a return to MK Arena after four years, during which time it has doubled in size, expanded the evening dinner and added member awards to the evening's entertainment.

ESSA director, Andrew Harrison

ESSA director, Andrew Harrison, said “Last year’s conference attracted upwards of 200 delegates from within ESSA membership and the wider industry. The feedback from attendees was excellent and has helped steer the direction of this year’s conference. Every year is a chance to do something different and an opportunity to take soundings from the attendees for the purposes of continuous improvement”

At this year's ESSA Conference there will be two additional awards, ESSA Unsung Hero of the Year, and ESSA Innovator of the year. Last year there were three awards, with Chris Criscione of Equinox Design winning the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award, Aztec Events winning the ESSA Member of the Year Award, and Samantha Fenlon of Freeman picking up the ESSA Young Person of the Year Award.

Harrison continued, “Investing in the evening of the conference, following last year’s one-off 10th Anniversary Ball, was hugely influenced by delegate feedback where it was commented we created a unique environment for our community to come together in such a fun and informal setting. There will be a variety of ticket options for member companies and their personnel but this isn’t about generating revenue, it’s about the ESSA community, rewarding people, rewarding our teams, celebrating success and finishing the year off the right way.”

Registration will officially open in September for both the conference and the dinner, and the association has already opened up sponsorship opportunities for any organisations seeking to reach an audience of event suppliers.

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