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And the winner is... Global success fo

The Brockmans World Gin Day 2018 competition to find the world's favourite #Brocktail - a cocktail created using the ‘gin like no other' - attracted entries from bars in 18 countries. World Gin Day was on 9th June. The overall winner is Kal Ruparell from Leicester in the UK with runners-up from Russia and Portugal. Brockmans is described as a gin like no other because of its distinctive taste profile with notes of blueberry, blackberry and bitter-sweet orange peel. Bars love to serve this gin as customers find it deliciously different. By the end of 2018, Brockmans Gin will be available in 40 countries and in many of these markets is one of the fastest growing super-premium gins. There were 242 entries* from bar-tenders and the winners were chosen through a public vote.

After nine days of voting- with thousands of votes cast from across the world through social media - one winner and two runners-up have been selected.

The Winner:

Kal Ruparell, Leicester, UK.

Cocktail: Betty Brown {aka Gin-Dependant-Woman}

Number of votes: 50,480


Anton Maltsev from Levaldva, Moscow, Russia. Cocktail: Stan Moskowitz

Tuca Di Matheo from Maçãs Club, Sintra, Portugal. Cocktail The Red Fog

Voters had a chance of winning prizes from Brockmans Gin. The three chosen bar-tenders will be treated to a trip to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans - one of the world's biggest and most glamorous events for those who work in the drinks trade. They will be guests of Brockmans Gin.

Bob Fowkes, co-Founder and Marketing Director of Brockmans Gin, said: "Brockmans Gin inspires creativity as it offers so many complex and exciting botanical notes. To have entries from so many countries and many of the top bars in the world is testament to the extent of our global reach and the affection in which Brockmans is held internationally".

Winner Kal Ruparell, 37, who owns and runs 33Cankstreet. is already a multiple-prize winner but says that this is the biggest cocktail prize he's won to date. He says: "I am extremely pleased and proud to have successfully competed against so many bar-tenders from so many countries around the world. I see this as a win for all the bars in Leicester, helping put the City firmly on the map".

His bar, which seats 30 customers inside and 15-20 outside, serves around 350 customers a week, mostly at weekends. "We have a varied menu of which 95% of our serves are cocktails," says Kal. "Of these cocktails, 90% are our own creations although of course we sell classic cocktails too. Gin is of huge importance and Brockmans is popular on our menu. It is a brand that is always on the bar and when we produce special Brockmans cocktails we get through 3 or even 4 bottles a week. The Betty Brown [the winning ‘Brocktail'] is a particular favourite at the moment".

For the winning cocktail recipes visit: where you will also find an interactive button to discover your nearest stockist of Brockmans Gin.

The Winning Recipe from 33Cankstreet.

Cocktail Name: Betty Brown {Gin-Dependant-Woman}


50ml Brockmans Gin

35ml Homemade Quince Cordial*

10ml Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto

5ml Campari

3 drops of Saline (10%)

*For Quince cordial

6 quince, peeled, seeded, and chopped

400g sugar

100ml lemon juice

1/4 gram salt


Stir all ingredients on ice.

For the quince cordial, bring to boil all ingredients in a covered saucepan and simmer for 2 hours. Once chilled to room temperature, transfer to the fridge and chill overnight. The following day, strain out chunks/solids (but don't throw these away)

Strain on block ice into double old-fashioned glass

Garnish with homemade quince fruit leather** or "Fizzy belt", and discard lemon twist and rosebud.

** For the fruit leather/fizzy belt, you'll need to take the solids and blend with 50% by weight of fresh strawberries & approximately 100ml water (add more water to aid the blending). Pass through Chinois and spread onto dehydrator trays evenly (approx. 3 mm thick). Dehydrate on 65 degree c for 9 hours. Whilst still sticky, dust with homemade sherbet (3 parts citric acid powder, 2 parts icing sugar, 1/2 part baking soda). Or just go to the sweet shop across the road and buy "Fizzy belts"

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