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KERB Caters partner with Street Child UK to help children in some of the world’s poorest countries g

Street food trailblaizers, KERB, announce a new partnership with UK charity Street Child which will see 15p from every meal bought at one of KERB Caters’ private events donated towards helping children in some of the world’s poorest countries get off the streets and into school.

Since 2009, Street Child have supported over 15,000 families to set up or expand their own business. In doing so these businesses have allowed families to feed and educate their children long-term. Now with the support of KERB, the partnership will allow the power of street food to transcend further than just the streets of London, in educating and empowering vulnerable families to set up their very own street food businesses. Families like Emma’s have been benefiting from the support of Street Child: In 2015, Emma was struggling to support herself and her son, Alpha. Instead of going to school Alpha was selling palm wine to support the family. Street Child gave Emma a business grant with which she bought two bags of rice to sell at market. Nearly three years later Alpha is still in school and Emma has expanded her business to include fresh food and sweets. Itasu is another mother whose business has benefited from the support of KERB and Street Child.

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