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BBQ Season Is Here!

Barbecue season is here, and your customers will want to be outdoors at every opportunity!

Pull these two facts together and you have the makings of a profitable Summer through to Autumn and a great way to bring new customers to your door.

Most offices and works have an annual barbecue and the potential for profit is enormous. Think ‘out of the box’ and find out which of your customers are members of clubs or local teams and hand out your card with an offer to work with them with age appropriate music and a flat fee and sit back for them to approach you.

Be constantly aware that the food on offer can make or break an event, so work with your food supplier and your chef. This may even be an opportunity to bring in another supplier who is keener for you to succeed and the benefits of a new enterprise begin to pile up. Gear up your kitchen to prep food for the barbecue or to take over if it rains and one last tip, - allocate staff to pick up litter and empty bins throughout!

Training and equipment are the foundation stones of any operation and neither can be ignored. Staff need to show interest and get on board or be reallocated. Equipment must be reliable, easy to maintain and even easier to handle and store away.

Cinders Barbecues (no ‘cinders’ involved!) are probably the best known British manufacturers of folding-away gas barbecues with a thirty-four-year reputation. Holding on to British jobs with a healthy export list of countries, including America, they would be proud to be part of your outdoor expansion. Best of all, their equipment self-cleans internally and comes with a full commercial warranty.

A few minutes on the Cinders website will reward you with recently enhanced features such as cooking videos, blogs, best practice sheets and experienced advice for safety first.

Also on the website is a New British Product from this company, --the StreetWok LP20.

Street Food is sweeping all before it as the trend goes national and Cinders predict that stir-fry will take its place alongside the ubiquitous barbecue before long.

In the best tradition of British manufacturing, the highly portable StreetWok introduces new technology to reduce noise associated with a commercial wok burner by controlling and spreading up to 16kW of instant heat through a patented ‘flowerhead’ design of diffusers. Spreading the heat also significantly reduces the skill needed by avoiding the difficult ‘hot spot’ found in the middle of most wok pans.

Cinders Barbecues are constantly adding easy stir-fry videos to their website to keep you ahead of developments in this exciting new sector.

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