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Hospitality Action Appoints New Patrons in Jason Atherton and Tom Kerridge

Leading chef-restaurateurs Jason Atherton and Tom Kerridge have reinforced their long-standing support of Hospitality Action by taking up ambassadorial roles at hospitality’s industry charity.

Jason replaces Heston Blumenthal as the charity’s Principal Patron, while Tom joins a body of patrons that includes Michel and Albert Roux, Raymond Blanc and Anton Mosimann.

Jason has been a supporter of the charity since becoming a patron and trustee in 2011. He says: "I feel lucky to be in a position to use my influence to help others. To be asked to be Principal Patron of Hospitality Action and support people in my own industry who need help is indeed a great honour. I will do all I can to encourage the rest of the industry to get behind this important charity.

“Heston has been a massive support to Hospitality Action in his seven-year tenure as Principal Patron. I shall strive to match his enthusiasm in the coming years.”

Mark Lewis, chief executive of Hospitality Action, says: “I’m delighted at Jason’s appointment, and I know he’ll bring to the role the same huge energy and passion he commits to his restaurants. His Social Sunday events alone have raised more than £100,000 for the charity over the past three years. I relish the opportunity to work with Jason and his team to build on this and other initiatives in future and enable Hospitality Action to help more hospitality people in need.”

Heston remains a patron of the charity.

Mark adds: “I’d like to thank Heston for all he has helped us achieve in his tenure as Principal Patron. By supporting our charity, he has greatly enhanced our credibility and standing, and thereby helped hospitality professionals who find themselves in difficulty or crisis. We’ve been able to improve many lives as a direct result of his huge support, and for that we’re very grateful. I look forward to working with him in his ongoing role as patron of Hospitality Action.”

After supporting many of the industry charity’s fundraising events and initiatives over the past decade, Tom Kerridge joins as patron in the year that he named Hospitality Action as the nominated charity for his Pub in the Park summer festivals.

Tom says: “I’m so proud to be a patron of Hospitality Action as it is the point of contact and foundation for all hospitality industry people when they need a guiding light or a helping hand. Ours is an incredibly tasking industry to be in, so it’s amazing to know that there is a wonderful support system. It’s a charity that I can relate to, can help with and in turn, I hope, help other people.”

Mark concludes: “Tom is a well-known and well-loved personality. His patronage of Hospitality Action is sure to raise the charity’s profile, and we’re delighted to have formalised his support.”

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