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Liverpudlians go merry for mojitos at Aintree

Frizzenti will be serving 25,000 cocktails, 40,000 litres, this weekend at one of the biggest social events of the year at Aintree racecourse - home of the Grand National.

They will be serving 3 of the UK’s best loved cocktails; Aperol Spritz, Mojito and Espresso Martini.

The experts at Frizzenti predict that the well-known and most loved cocktail, the Mojito, will be the race goers favourite.

Each cocktail can be ordered and handed to them in just 15 seconds.

The new cocktails are part of Frizzenti's wider family of quality products on tap, including a range of sparkling and still wines. Frizzenti Cocktails pass through a unique carbonator, adding sparkle to the product and then simply poured.

The company also offer a complete cocktail tap installation service, from survey to fit out and on-going maintenance.

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