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Warp Speed Ahead! Backyard Cinema's Mission To Mars NOW OPEN

Don't miss the opportunity to voyage across the solar system onboard an intergalactic spacecraft to watch the best classic and new release Sci-Fi blockbusters Planet Earth has to offer.

Backyard Cinema present Mission to Mars, now open for Spring. Ticket holders will voyage to space on a rocket ship, with Sci-Fi movie favourites for in flight entertainment. Changing the face of cinema one theme at a time, ‘Mission to Mars’ is here to make London's dreams of affordable, commercial space travel come true! Ticket holders will make their way through intergalactic security before being shuttled to a spacecraft lined with giant bean bags and a space station bar. After a quick jump through hyperspace, passengers will get comfy as they are transported to a far away world, enjoy a bespoke cocktail and watch the stars float by from a giant beanbag in the cosmos. Backyard Cinema: Mission To Mars is now open. For more information and tickets head to

Backyard Cinema are embarking on a voyage to discover the final frontier of themed cinema. No previous space training is required for this one of a kind opportunity to drift among the stars. Navigate extraterrestrial security, ride a transport shuttle and board a spaceship lined with giant beanbags. Choose an intergalactic cocktail such as The Cosmos-Politon or Stargarita and grab some space snacks at the bar before exploring the spaceship and discovering the interactive cockpit.

This is a true cosmic celebration of sci-fi movies that pack an intergalactic punch, including: Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Wall-E, Men in Black, Interstellar and Space Jam. This is not just an average cinema; this is an out-of-this-world celebration of space travel and science fiction! Tickets from £17.50 for an adult, £9.50 for under 12s. Date night packages from £74 for two, with snacks, prosecco and blankets included.

What started as a passion project in the founder's back garden is now the original permanent, themed cinema in London. Backyard Cinema treats customers to a completely different experience every time they go. Since moving into their new permanent home they have produced Miami Beach, The Last Chapel, The Snow Kingdom and The Lost World alongside the sell out Winter Night Garden and Romeo & Juliet shows across London.

Backyard Cinema's Mission to Mars has launched. For more information and tickets head to:

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