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The Underground Bingo Academy arrives at The Vaults this April

The Underground Bingo Academy will transform The Vaults underneath Waterloo station into a new, exciting and unforgettable bingo experience for all Londoners. A chance for would-be bingo enthusiasts to come out of hiding and to craft their bingo skills, the night will take place every Thursday - Saturday this April. Set to be a night of fun and games, eager bingo-ists will be taught the best ways to dab numbers, traditional and new-age bingo talk, and the various types of bingo they may have to face. Kicking off on 5th April, tickets start at £5. For more information on the Underground Bingo Academy and Bingo Academy, please visit their website.

Following the success of the Camden Bingo Academy at the start of this year, the Bingo Academy will take over The Vault's in Waterloo for a month-long popup for a bingo boot camp like no other. The bingo revolution is in full swing, and those previously scared and intimated by bingo halls are now ready to face the challenge with the Underground Bingo Academy ready to teach. Visitors can expect to be taken through their paces, with the complex rules of bingo and advanced dabbing techniques before competing in a range of real-life bingo games to fully prepare for future bingo scenarios. The Academy has all bases covered with tuition in dabbing numbers to bingo language old and new. The Underground Bingo Academy launches 5th April and will take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a month. Tickets start at £5 and available here

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