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Re-Think Your Energy Drink With POWA!

One year ago the rules were re-written with the creation of a cocktail inspired energy drink making it the first of its kind and a refreshingly different energy drink! Consumers can power through the day and party through the night with POWA energy, the new Mojito flavour energy drink available exclusively from Prime Sun Ltd.

Specially formulated for a superior taste, POWA Energy is a unique new cocktail-inspired Mojito flavour energy drink, 100% Alcohol Free, for an unmatched taste that makes it a real game changer. Full of essential B-vitamins, POWA delivers a premium and refreshing twist on the classic energy hit. Perfect for those who lead active lifestyles, the innovative Mojito flavour electrifies the taste buds, without the aftertaste or caffeine let down.

When research and development began on POWA, there was one prominent question the team asked consumers - what did they like or dislike about other leading energy drink brands? Main likes were the name of the brand, feeling alert or awake and alcohol mixability. Dislikes with existing were the caffeine crash, too carbonated, poor aftertaste, irritated stomach, jitters, and excessive prices. And so POWA was born. Being formulated for superior taste and mixability, combined with easier consumption dynamics at a great quality price made POWA an instant success.

POWA is available now in outers of 24 x 250ml. Trade price is £4.99, providing the market with an experience consumers have never had before.

Prime Sun’s Managing Director, Deji Toyinbo says:

“On-trade reaction to POWA has been very positive, they like the premium feel and look of the brand and the price, and the mixology of the drink. Engagement has also been very strong. The new exotic flavour is different from anything else out there and from what they currently stock. It is new, exciting and different, and is driving sales.

Consumers love the unique refreshing taste. They have been very excited about POWA being an energy drink that is cocktail inspired, and the fact it does not taste like typical energy drinks and has a much nicer flavour, like a soft drink, but they still get the same kick and energy as from regular energy drink. On top of that, they believed it to be a top range premium brand and couldn’t believe the price.”

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