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ESSA announces date and venue for AGM

The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) has announced its 2018 AGM will be held at the Magic Circle, Centre for Magical Arts, London on April 26, 2018, with a start time of 10:30 a.m.

Making the announcement, ESSA director Andrew Harrison said, “There will be the formal business of reports from the chair, treasurer and director of the association, and the election of places on the ESSA board, but once again we're taking the opportunity to add extra content.”

ESSA has posted the schedule for the day on its website -

In accordance with the ESSA memorandum and articles of association, a third of the board must stand for re-election by rotation, and Harrison was keen to encourage members to attend saying, “It's our members' chance to choose new board members and take part in the governance of the association, and I am looking forward to welcoming them on April 26. By coming to the AGM they not only help us discharge our legal requirements, they also get the opportunity to meet and discuss matters with the ESSA board and their industry peers.”

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