Hip Hop Zoo launches a Jumanji style experience

The team behind infamous Hip Hop Brunch brings a new Jumanji style clubbing experience to London

Hip Hop Zoo is a brand new collaborative concept from the minds that brought Hip Hop Brunch and So Fresh So Clean to London. Pioneers of their craft, the teams will bring the Hip Hop essence to the dance floors of Clapham in 2018. Mixing immersive activities, surprise performances alongside dedicated ringmasters and a Jumanji style atmosphere. Expect confetti cannons, glitter and a rumpus of hip-hop beats. This will not be an average weekly event. Launching February 2nd at South London’s Fu Manchu. Further information and tickets see HERE.

A ringmaster will lead the night’s procession at Hip Hop Zoo, entertaining guests throughout taking them on a jungle journey from start to finish. Dancers will wow the crowd, dressed head to toe in animal prints and body paint with giant animal heads alongside secret guest performances from headline DJs and acts. To drop a few names, Raekwon, Fatman Scoop and M.O.P have all been booked to perform on past events between the teams.

Known for flipping the brunch market on its head, Hip Hop Brunch stormed London winning The London Club & Bar Awards 2016 and 2017. Combining a three-course lunch, bottomless cocktails, hip hop karaoke and surprise performances. Now setting their creative minds to an event like no other, harnessing all lessons learnt from three years of spectacular brunch events.

So Fresh So Clean have been supporting Hip-Hop royalty such as Jazzy Jeff, Pete Rock, Chris Brown, French Montana, Whizz Khalifa, Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd. Having curated shows in New York, France, Croatia plus more, these hip-hop aficionados sure know how to through a party.

Chad Joseph, Brand Manager of Hip Hop Brunch says “We can't wait to start a completely new experience in London, imagine hip hop classics rumbling through the speakers while a procession of animals, ringmasters and confetti surround the dancing crowd. Fancy dress is highly encouraged for our most unique event to date. We’ll have something special in store for every show!”

Hip Hop Zoo will soon turn in to London’s weekly party paradise, imagine an indoor space with vibrant colours and jungle theme surrounded by the pandemonium of an unleashed zoo. Animal fancy dress is highly recommended.

with vibrant colours and jungle theme surrounded by the pandemonium of an unleashed zoo. Animal fancy dress is highly recommended.

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