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The Social Bingo Academy arrives in Camden this January

The 24th of January will see the Social Bingo Academy launch in Camden, and with it a chance for all would-be bingo enthusiasts to come out from hiding and learn the skills they've always wanted to know - bingo skills. Set amongst the heady lights of a real-life bingo hall, The Social Bingo Academy will teach cunning bingo-ists the best way to dab numbers, traditional and new-age bingo talk, high speed bingo and cashlines all with a chance to win prizes at the very affordable price of £5 for early, early birds. Tickets and info -

2018 is set to see a change in the bingo world. A bingo revolution is coming and with it a whole new wave of younger, vibrant bingo players, previously scared and intimidated by the bingo halls but now coming out in force thanks to the Social Bingo Academy, launching 24th January at a bingo hall in Camden.

Bingo in it's purest form can be an intimidating business, with big bingo halls scaring off the younger would-be bingo aficionados. The rules are there to be learned, but no-one is doing the teaching. Until now.

The Social Bingo Academy seeks to change this. Offering a masterclass of bingo skills with added bonus of winning prizes that Nan's could only dream about, not to mention the amazing Pop Dogs on hand to provide the best hot dogs around. Bingo enthusiasts need no longer hide in the shadows as they lack the necessary minerals to participate, at the Social Bingo Academy they can learn the essentials to survive in the sometimes aggressive world of bingo. From tuition in dabbing numbers to bingo language old and new to high speed bingo, the Academy has all bases covered at it's bingo bootcamp. Get dabbing.

The Social Bingo Academy launches 27th January with tickets available here


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