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Raise a glass to Scotland's favourite son

Held on 25th January every year to celebrate the birthday of Scotland's greatest poet Robert Burns, Burns Night is an evening characterised by poetry, haggis and whisky. What better way to toast the life of Scotland's favourite son than with a glass of 8O8 Whisky, distilled in Rabbie's long time home and poetic inspiration, Edinburgh. Smoother and more versatile than other whiskies, 8O8 Whisky is accessible to both a Burns Night veteran and newcomer.

Burns Night is in every way a Scottish institution, and toasts are a key element - traditional celebrations call for a whisky-bearer to keep guests well lubricated. Whisky runs through the heart of these celebrations. There are toasts to the Scottish bard himself, toasts following recitals of Burns' poetry, a toast 'To A Haggis', a 'Toast to the Lassies', even the 'whisky sauce' that is doused on the haggis is neat whisky. It's no surprise that the rendition of 'Auld Lang Syne' that draws the evening to a close is often so rousing.

Created by internationally renowned DJ and producer TommyD, 8O8 Whisky is a whisky like no other. Smoother and more versatile than a run-of-the-mill whisky, 8O8 has a truly unique flavour - the result of it being a wholly grain whisky - that cuts through the palate, but maintains an irresistible warmth of vanilla, chocolate and honey. As a result 8O8 is accessible to both the hardened whisky drinker and a relative newcomer, making it ideal for Burns Night veterans and those celebrating for the first time.

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