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Baileys launch their Baileys Treat Stop in Covent Garden

Baileys is dialing-up the indulgence this December with the launch of Baileys Treat Stop, its first customisable bar menu where you can transform a range of sumptuous lattes, hot chocolates, exclusive cocktails and even a secret chocolate reindeer serve - all will be revealed. It’s the perfect way to ‘#TreatUp’ your Christmas.

On 4th December, Baileys will throw open the Baileys Treat Stop doors in London’s Covent Garden, welcoming those seeking some deliciously festive indulgence to a wall-to-wall celebration of one of the nation’s favourite seasonal treats.

Open from 4th to 17th December, Baileys Treat Stop has something for everyone; a luxurious Alpine themed snug area to chill-out at your leisure, a bar serving delicious Baileys Original Irish Cream, Baileys Pumpkin Spice and Baileys Chocolat Luxe hot drinks, tasty expert workshops and an exclusive Baileys cocktail-style desert designed by well-known food and drink creators, all under one stylish roof.

Design and customise your own festive creation? Don’t mind if I Baileys…

Let your imagination run wild and design-your-own off-menu drink with a little help from the Baileys bar experts (if you need it!). Take your taste buds to the max by mixing and adding dozens of fabulous tastes and flavours to create something completely bespoke, just for you.

Once you’ve created your mouthwatering masterpiece, you can fuel your treat fantasies at the Treat Stop creation-station with irresistible sprinkles, treats and glitter to create the most picture-perfect, playful Baileys creations #TreatUp.

Baileys has teamed up with the aptly named The Treat Collective, a group of inspiring creators in the food and drink world, to design an exclusive, playful and over-the-top Baileys treat - perfect for indulging yourself after a day’s Christmas shopping.

Baileys Citrus Treat by top mixologist, Missy Flynn, Treat Collective

Baileys Citrus Treat

35ml Baileys Original Irish Cream (1 unit)

2 generous teaspoons of lemon curd

75ml half and half of cream and milk

Shake with ice

Strain into a glass

For extra #TreatUp indulgence, garnish with a scoop of Fior di Latte gelato by Nonna's Gelato and Lucie Bennett’s lavender shortbread.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you in the party spirit…. Reindeer cocktails anyone?

Open your mind to a fun new way of serving your delicious, Baileys creations - the chocolate Reindeer, exclusively available at the Baileys Treat Stop (gift with every purchase of Baileys Original Irish Cream, Baileys Chocolat Luxe or Baileys Pumpkin Spice, £15). It’s the recipe for your perfect party pour: Grab a reindeer, take inspiration from the new Baileys Christmas TV advert, add some friends, tear off the antlers and pour your favourite Baileys into a chocolate reindeer for total liquid luxury.

So go on, delve in and enjoy the taste of pleasure – whatever that pleasure might be. Baileys Treat Stop is the ultimate Baileys bucket-list must-do for every treat fan this December.

Joanna Andrews, Baileys Senior Brand Manager, said, “Baileys Treat Stop is a Baileys fantasyland for fun loving grown-ups looking to treat up their pre-Christmas shopping trip, for imaginative Baileys fans who fancy flexing their creative cocktail creation skills or for friends just looking for the ultimate festive, indulgent retreat. There’s something to treat-up every taste, all under one decadent, sumptuous and totally delicious Baileys Treat Stop roof.”

The Baileys Treat Stop is open from 4th December to 17th December (closed 11th December) for drop ins and ticketed workshops. Workshops will be held on Tues 5th / Wed 6th/Tues 12th/ Wed 13th with 2 sessions per evening; 6:30pm - 8pm and 8:30pm - 10pm links to tickets here. Each experience is 1.5 hours.

Pop down to ‘#TreatUp’ your Baileys this Christmas.

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