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VK is officially the number one traditional RTD

  • VK is now the biggest traditional RTD in both volume and value

  • It has increased its value category share to 25.9% – up from 21.9%

  • VK has the best ROS in the on-trade – worth £110 p/w

  • The RTD has added +£5.5m in new RSV – driving new category growth

Student favourite, VK, is now officially the number one traditional RTD in the UK’s on-trade[1]. Taking the top spot for the first time, the millennial favourite will launch itself into 2018 on the back of a phenomenal year of growth thanks to its unwavering focus on its core consumer. Now worth £52.5m in the UK on-trade, it is the only traditional RTD brand in growth (+11.6% in value and +11.7% in volume)[2], and to have seen consecutive growth for the past year and a half.

The brand, which has seen exponential growth over the last two years, is now single-handedly stopping the decline of the traditional RTD category. Through a combination of innovative pack formats and a range of seven flavour offerings that resonate with the audience – such as the latest offering Strawberry & Lime – the brand has offered something different to the traditional ‘Blue’ flavour associated with RTDs. Using social media as the main consumer communication tool, VK has dominated the sector and injected life into the stagnant RTD market by simply understanding the consumer.

Jen Draper, Head of Marketing at Global Brands, said, “VK is more than just a drink; it’s a community. The way we utilise the tools that resonate with our audience, like social media, helps us to build on our cult reputation by giving our consumers what they want – when they want it. This digital drive has really helped to raise our profile both in the off and on-trade, but has made a huge difference in the UK on-trade.”

It is the first time in VK’s 20 year history that it has been the leading traditional RTD in the on-trade, boasting 11.6% growth in on-trade value[3]. VK has now added +£5.5m in new RSV to the category, which is driving new category growth – while also increasing its value share to 25.9%[4].

Jen, added, “With VK we have worked tirelessly to get the basics right; offering a great product, to the right consumer, at the right price – all while communicating with them on the right channels. This, along with our large portfolio of RTDs, has helped to establish us as category champions and made sure we are the number one choice for RTDs in the market.”

VK is also jumping into the next 12 months with exciting plans to drive growth further and set it up for the coming years. Having been the number one student RTD for the last four years[5], and recently voted as one of the top three alcohol brands of choice by students, VK will tap into its key audience and continue to innovate – ensuring it stays at the forefront of consumer trends to further establish itself as the go-to drink for 18-25 year olds.

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