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Venue Insight October Halloween Horror Issue out now

Here we go again then. Autumn is upon us and the season’s first big event is of course Halloween. Whether you choose to embrace it or not, there can be no arguments that with tens of thousands of events happening up and down the UK it’s a fantastic opportunity to get active and help those tills work overtime.

You’ve made it past the front cover, now we dare you to venture into our opening feature. Fort Amherst in Kent is one of the most unique venues in the UK and they do Halloween in style. If you’re thinking of hosting horror events then take a leaf out of their book. Enter at your peril!

We are very lucky to be able to pick the brains of Jo Nash, one of Australia’s hottest wine makers. We delve into the day-to-day running of the highly successful McPherson Wine Co in the emerging region of Victoria.

Manchester bar scene mogul Lyndon Higginson tells us what makes him tick and why. It’s a great insight into the mind of a guy that is constantly at the coal face of this crazy industry.

We’ve got you covered for the season’s cocktails. Brockmans Berry Fresh and Slingby’s Halloween inspired tipples are sure to go down a treat.

Showsec explain that no matter the scale, organising events has been consistently ranked among the most challenging professions. The pressure is on to deliver a safe and quality solution at the best price, and hiring door security is no exception.


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