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Eric Cantona proves that he's still got it in latest Kronenbourg 1664 campaign

A podium set in the middle of a hop field provides the perfect platform for Cantona as ‘Scarecrow Eric’ to relate life in Alsace with all things British. In the name of Kronenbourg 1664's "Taste Suprême" of course.

Ex-footballer supreme and faithful Kronenbourg brand ambassador Eric Cantona returns to the mythical land of Alsace for Kronenbourg 1664’s latest campaign ‘Le Scarecrow Suprême’. On a mission to protect the unique Strisslespalt hops used to make K1664, Cantona this time finds himself embodying a life size scarecrow who will stop at nothing to guard the hops from a swarm of pests and distractions.

The campaign takes the form of a series of short films set in Kronenbourg’s birthplace and spiritual home Alsace, France. Playing on the idiosyncracies and eccentricities of the region, Cantona’s varied escapades demonstrate his dedication to the cause: K1664’s Taste Suprême. From reprising his football prowess, to replicating Amazon’s Alexa, Cantona keeps us highly entertained with his modern day take on scarecrow tactics.

The social campaign will be served on Facebook and YouTube, and will also be available to watch on a bespoke branded Amazon landing page – one of the first brands to have built this in partnership with the retail giant.

Ifeoma Dozie, beer brand director at brand owners HEINEKEN said: “For the last six years, Monsieur Cantona has been bringing to life the eccentricities of the Alsace region, where we grow our wonderful Strisslespalt hops. And this is probably his biggest role to date! As Scarecrow Cantona we will see a series of films in which Cantona delivers his inimitable style to the role.”

Watch Eric Cantona as Le Scarecrow Suprême here:

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