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August issue of Venue Insight OUT NOW!

We are very proud to have been involved with the relaunch of The Natural History Museum’s iconic Hintze Hall. After 35 years the space has been renovated and has just welcomed ‘Hope’, the new blue whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling. It’s simply stunning. Head of venue hire, Robert Wetherell gives us an exclusive guided tour of the event spaces and museum itself and we find out why this is the perfect place to give guests a break from the norm.

We continue with our preview of Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2017 which is now just around the corner. A diverse and dynamic world of artisan food and drink beckons. With consumer demand for craft food and drink exploding - there is no finer showcase for the speciality industry than this gourmet spectacular. The doors will open on Speciality & Fine Food Fair between September 3-5, revealing more than 700 producers from across the UK and around the globe.

A secret bar has been unearthed in Soho, previously hidden deep beneath the trudge of unwitting feet. When entering the Cahoots tube station guests are transported back in time, to post-war 1940s and to a disused underground tube station featuring dazzling cocktails, swing dancing and sing-a-longs around an old piano. Inspired by true events that occurred in post-war Britain, The Captain of Cahoots has brought Soho’s illicit and nocturnal escapades from the era back to life. This place is sure to inspire you even you’re thinking of changing things up at your own establishment.

Keep up to date with everything to ensure your establishment is firing on all cylinders and that those tills are working overtime. Whether it be cutting edge products, industry trends, events and news around food, design, technology and everything in between then we’ve got it covered.


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