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Grace by name, graceful by nature

Leading distributor of glassware, tableware and bar accessories to the foodservice industry, Artis, has announced the launch of a new range of hand-made glassware, Grace.


As its name suggests, Grace is an elegant collection of long-stemmed glassware. The highly distinctive bowl shape and tall, slender stems make this collection of hand-made glassware a ‘must’ for fine dining establishments. The bowl is subtle and slim, with a distinctive arc, before tapering towards a finely edged brim. The bowl is offset by exceptionally long stems. The shape of the bowl enables the flute to retain both aroma and fizz, making it suitable for all sparkling wines.

The champagne flute, white wine glass and martini glass are accompanied by an equally elegant decanter with punt. Practical yet breathtakingly beautiful, Grace is a collection of stemware, where the individual pieces complement each other, or simply look stunning on their own.

List prices are as follows: 20cl Flute £4.65; 55cl wine glass £5.45; 24cl martini glass £7.35. The 270cl decanter, in particular, represents excellent value at £14.25.

The Grace collection and many other styles of glassware, may be found in the fully illustrated 2017 Artis catalogue, together with a huge range of tableware and backbar equipment. To receive your own personal copy, call 020 8391 5544. Alternatively, it is available to download online at

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