Introducing Crooked, the new dimension of drinking

Launching this month from RTD market leader Global Brands, Crooked Beverage Co is a dynamic range of craft Alcoholic Sodas, created to shake up the RTD market with an exciting new innovation. The first of their kind, the drinks have been created to change consumer’s perceptions of ready to drink serves. The Alcoholic Sodas are available in three different variants; using all natural flavours, colourings and real fruit juice.

Global Brands have identified a sweet spot in a market calling for innovation that lies between RTD, fruit cider and craft beer. Aimed at 20-30 year olds, Crooked Beverage Co features a malted base to give an interesting flavoursome alcohol taste that underpins the liquid. The all natural fruity body of the liquid provides a sweet, but not sickly, alternative to cater for the growing demand from millennials for drinks that aren’t hugely sugary and synthetic, whilst the slightly hoppy notes also appeal to beer drinkers.

Charlie Leaver, Innovation Manager at Global Brands said “Crooked Beverage Co is something completely and truly different and with that it opens up a new realm of possibility. We plan to drive value into the RTD category by innovating and premiumising. We’ve taken a combination of the best from different categories to make a drink that is the first of its kind. We saw that the target demographic of consumers were tiring of overly sweet drinks with questionable ingredients, and so have created a product that tastes great, looks great, and is essentially natural”.

Available in three different flavours Dayglo Skies (Raspberry & Lime) Mother Moon (Pomegranate & Peach) and Midnight Stage (Blood Orange & Passionfruit), Crooked offers an intriguingly developed and complex taste compared to existing RTDs. Lightly carbonated, each delivers a refreshing fruity flavour with a low sugar content (as little as 4.6g per 100ml), sourced from natural ingredients. The taste and aroma of the fruits burst through, without being masked by artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Crafted in the shadows of the Crooked Spire in Chesterfield, the drinks are a blend of its creators Yorkshire and Derbyshire heritage. The range makes references to niche Sheffield bands and artists through the names and designs, further grounding it in the locale. Crooked is available in 330ml cans with surreal character illustrations to bring the brand to life and catch consumer’s attention, created by local Sheffield artist Lisa O’Hara.

Charlie adds “We’re excited to be bringing this to the market and introducing a whole new category of Alcoholic Soda to the UK. The dimensions that Crooked creates both in its artwork and taste is what make it a stand out product. We’ve crafted this brand by listening to the consumer and with that we’ve made something that’s going to completely change the market”.

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