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European Shuffleboard launches at PUB17

European Shuffleboard has announced plans to distribute the game’s tables to bars, coffee shops and cafes across the UK from its head office in Liverpool after a hugely successful UK launch at Pub17

Shuffleboard has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years in the USA and Scandinavia where thousands play the game weekly and European Shuffleboard, which is based in Norway, is now bringing it to the UK. There is even an ongoing campaign to secure shuffleboard a place in the Olympic Games.

In July 2015 craft brewers Brewdog installed three 22ft European Shuffleboard tables in their Leeds Shuffledog bar. Their popularity has been so impressive that they are already in discussions about further roll outs.

Dafydd Evans of European Shuffleboard, says: ‘Our clients tell us that their European Shuffleboard tables bring in customers they would not normally see. The players bring in money in hire fees – thousands of pounds per table each month at our home in Norway - but they also significantly boost the general food and drink turnover.’

'It's a very sociable activity - it's great fun to play but also to watch other people playing. Everyone has their own special method; it's a game of skill, technique and tactical knowhow.'

European Shuffleboard uses only the Rolls Royce of shuffleboard tables – made by Champion Shuffleboard in Richmond Hills, Texas, using high quality Canadian hardwood which is covered in a durable and high grade polymer coating to help improve performance, especially designed for the changing European climates. They offer an impressive 20-year warranty on the playfield and Champion Shuffleboard tables are the tables used in all major professional shuffleboard tournaments.

For the leisure market, a free smartphone app has been developed which players use to help organise shuffleboard tournaments.

Shuffleboard is similar to curling but is played on an indoor table which can be either 12ft or 22ft table long. The objective is for each player to slide their ‘puck’ as near to the end of the table as possible. Each table is covered in tiny balls of silicon which help the pucks slide.

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