Introducing a day to celebrate the world's favourite whisky, Scotch. International Scotch Day,

A new global celebration is being introduced in honour of Scotland’s gift to the world - International Scotch Day. The inaugural celebration will take place this February 10th and invites people to raise a glass of Scotch and celebrate a drink that’s made to be enjoyed with good company, wherever, whenever.

Ronan Beirne, Global Marketing Director from Diageo comments: “We have launched International Scotch Day to shine a spotlight on the Scotch whisky category, and to help raise awareness and deepen knowledge of Scotch around the world. Scotch has been built on its integrity, quality and authenticity and no other spirit can offer the same range of tastes, textures and flavours. Trends come and go but Scotch has been cool since forever and we feel it’s time to properly celebrate that.”

International Scotch Day has been introduced following the success of #LoveScotch, a global social movement from Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, for people to share their love of the world’s favourite whisky.

At Diageo, Scotch performance is up 6% at the interim across Diageo’s global markets. The category is vibrant and the outlook for Scotch is strong. Scotch is the world’s most trusted spirit and Diageo is proud of the heritage, craft and passion at the heart of it.

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