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Magniflex aim to take the UK hotel and hospitality industry by storm.

In a time where many businesses post- Brexit see themselves at a standstill, leading international mattress brand Magniflex are boldly preparing to take the market by storm, with the opening of their first UK-based offices in London.

Magniflex know and understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, and are eagerly anticipating sharing this knowledge and love of high quality mattresses to the UK hotel industry. They are ready to showcase their signature Italian style and innovative design to UK buyers and consumers, and have also been given the seal of approval by the UK’s Largest Furniture Association FIRA, who have certified that all their products meet top UK Industry standards.

A satisfied 35 million global consumers have already experienced a world-class Magniflex sleeping experience, with their artisan, hand-crafted mattresses. They are currently being sold across 99 countries worldwide, but start their life being manufactured and assembled in Magniflex’s Tuscan warehouse, just outside of Florence. This ensures that each mattress has the authentic ‘Made in Italy’ quality and approval.

As manufacturers of such high-quality products, Magniflex have an extensive range that includes over 100 accessories, with luxurious collections of pillows, duvets, mattress covers and other accessories. All of these products are built with top relaxation and comfort in mind.

Magniflex have also continuously evolved with their consumers, priding themselves on being global leaders of innovative mattress technology. Each Magniflex mattress contains patented internal and external materials, including their popular Magnistretch line.

The new venture has made Magniflex keen for their UK move to replicate the success they experienced in the US. The reliability of Magniflex manufacturing across the hotel and hospitality industries helped to propel them into US market. The US consumer’s appreciation of high quality craftsmanship that helped them to achieve massive growth figures since opening its Miami doors three years ago.

Marco Magni, Global Sales Director of Magniflex commented:

“Globally, consumers know and trust the brand Magniflex, which stands for craftsmanship, quality and innovative technology.

“Expanding our business is always an exciting time for Magniflex.

“Magniflex are now re-entering the UK market directly and are looking forward to establishing meaningful relationships within the industry. We cannot wait to start talking to hotels about the importance of sleep for their guests, and what Magniflex can offer.

“That means our doors are open to any key dealers, stores and buyers looking to get in touch.

Magniflex are set to open their new Chiswick offices in January 2017.

To find out more please visit ,or contact for more information.


In the sixties, founder Giuliano Magni created his first mattress in his Italian workshop. Since then, Magniflex has been the largest manufacturer of foam based mattresses in Italy, thanks to innovative designs that meet the needs of comfort, relaxation, and health. Magniflex is highly recognized among industry leaders, recognised for their continuous investment into research and development. Magniflex have also been on the list of the 500 most dynamic European companies for two consecutive years.

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