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International Nightlife Association creates crowd fund to raise money for victim's relatives of

As you already know, last New Year’s Eve, a gunman opened fire at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul, killing 39 people and leaving 69 injured. So, after the attacks at Bataclan in Paris and at Club Pulse in Orlando, the nightlife sector has been hit again by a terrorist attack and now 39 innocent people from 15 different countries have been murdered We are shocked, deeply saddened, in moral indignation and filled with a huge sense of powerlessness; but we will not sit around and do nothing. Therefore, in solidarity with those injured and the relatives of those who died, the International Nightlife Association has promoted the creation of a fund with the aim to raise money to help the injured and the relatives of the victims killed in the Reina Nightclub attack. We hope to help them recover quickly from this deeply disturbing tragedy. We would like to count on generosity of people all over the world by donating money to help these families and those injured because it has not only been a crime against the nightlife sector but also against humanity. So, everyone should help. Those interested in helping can make donations through the platform "YouCaring" by visiting this link: On the other hand, we also continue to insist on working towards improving safety measures to make nightclubs increasingly safer as we have been doing these for the last four years. Our intention is to make more difficult for nightlife venues to become targets of these kinds of heinous acts of violence and other unfortunate circumstances. As our General Secretary Mr. Joaquim Boadas stated this morning "Terrorism is a global threat that affects millions of people around the world so we need everyone's cooperation to put it to an end. Terrorist attacks can take place anywhere people gather. So, if our sector, together with worldwide government support, invest more in safety, it will be more improbable attacks like these will happen again. That’s one of the reasons why so many resources are being invested in developing the International Nightlife Safety Seal”. In addition, Mr. Juan Carlos Diaz, 1st vicepresident of the International Nightlife Association and president of the American Nightlife Association (NCIAA) stated the following: “We want to launch an international appeal to all governments worldwide asking for their help to collaborate with our sector to implement more security measures in nightlife clubs in as many countries as possible. Let’s put an end to nightlife terrorism around the world implementing strong and coordinated action from the international community. Prevention is imperative but we can't do this alone". For his part, Mr. Maurizio Pasca, 2ond vicepresident of the International Nightlife Association and president of the European Nightlife Association sent all his support to the relatives of the victims and those injured in the attack, placing himself at their disposal. Finally, Mr. Can Bener, nightlife entrepreneur from Istanbul and ambassador of the International Nightlife in Turkey stated the following: "We highly appreciate this global support, especially in these tough times where we need unity and togetherness the most. Besides, we are proud to inform that the International Nightlife Association has decided to maintain, as scheduled, the creation of the Turkish Nightlife Association in 2017, in collaboration with the European Nightlife Association, as a clear statement of support towards the Turkish nightlife sector and our common fight against any form of terrorism”. If you need more information please call as per below: INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION

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