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Introductory 50% off StarPRO in January!!

StarPRO is celebrating the launch of their new line of professional cleaning products by offering its product range at 50% off its already competitive prices (excluding bleach).

StarPRO is produced by Star Brands Ltd, which has been producing high-quality cleaning products for more than 70 years.

The StarPRO range is offered at extremely competitive prices while still containing high-quality ingredients in its formulations. StarPRO is able to do this because it has it’s own manufacturing plant here in the UK, and products are sold to customers direct via, shortening the supply chain and lowering costs.

StarPRO products have been split into eight colour-coded categories, which coincide with the COSHH guidelines for easy recognition and use.

Blue – General Products

Includes products for cleaning general areas such as Hard Surface Cleaner, Window & Glass Cleaner, Furniture Polish & Cleaner and more.

Green – Catering Products

Products safe for use in food/drink preparation areas. Includes Purple Beer Line Cleaner Concentrate, Catering Bactericidal Cleaner, Machine Dishwash Liquid and more.

Cyan – Hand Care Products

Hand care products include a range of different hand washes (both foam and non-foam formulas) that are specially developed for applications where frequent hand washing is required. Added emollients work to protect hands from drying out and cracking when used repeatedly.

Magenta – Laundry Products

StarPRO Laundry products include Bio or Non-bio Laundry Detergent Liquids (suitable for low-temp washing), Fabric Softener, and Oxi Fabric Stain Remover Powder.

Red – Sanitary Products

Sanitary products include Daily Use Toilet Cleaner, Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner & Descaler, and Thin/Thick Bleach. Toilet cleaners are available in convenient angled-neck bottles for better cleaning under toilet rims.

Orange – Odour Control Products

StarPRO’s odour control products include an Air Freshener RTU Spray and an Odour Controller & Deodoriser Spray for deodorizing surfaces such as toilets and rubbish bins.

Yellow – Washroom Products

Washroom products are designed to effectively clean washrooms in professional environments. Products include Bactericidal Washroom Cleaner and Washroom Cleaner & Limescale Remover.

Purple – Hygiene Products

Hygiene products are powerful cleaners that work to significantly reduce the number of harmful pathogens on surfaces. StarPRO Powerful Disinfectant Cleaner, available in 750ml RTU sprays or 5 litre concentrate packs.

The StarPRO range has been formulated to industry-accredited standards to remove dirt, cut through grease, disinfect and deodorise. Most products are available in 750ml sprays and 5 litre concentrate packs/refill packs.

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