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CPL Online develop bespoke mobile app for iNTERTAIN, one of the leading brands in the late-night hos

The ‘Pulse’ app was launched in July to improve training and engagement across iNTERTAIN’s sites

CPL Online has revealed details of the bespoke mobile project developed for iNTERTAIN, one of the leading brands in the late-night hospitality sector.

In July, the new ‘Pulse’ app was introduced to streamline company training and increase engagement amongst site employees. Working closely alongside Nina Marshall, iNTERTAIN’s head of HR, CPL developed two unique features – ‘Mojos’ and ‘Chunks’.

Within the app, ‘Mojos’ are created by general managers to carry out a comprehensive review of employee training progress. The other bespoke feature – ‘Chunks’ – are designed to deliver bite-sized e-Learning sessions for site staff.

The accessible nature of mobile learning means staff are able to access training ‘on the go’ – during work downtime or beyond working hours. Thanks to animation and gamification technology, an increase in engagement levels have also swept across the company’s workforce.

In an engagement survey carried out by 58 percent of iNTERTAIN’s workforce, it showed that 87 percent of employees said the app had increased their engagement in training. Since the launch, CPL has already recorded over 12,600 logins into Pulse.

One of the app’s most useful features, the Financial Dashboard, highlights where iNTERTAIN can make substantial cost-savings. Using CPL’s big data platform, the Dashboard processes all data recorded in each Mojo and Chunk, to churn out real-time and predictive analysis on company training procedures.

The appraisal system is also helping iNTERTAIN streamline its recruitment strategy. For new starters, probation reviews are undertaken at month one, two and three. Over time, the data accumulated in the probation reviews provide the basis for key trends and patterns. For example, if data insights show that a consistent number of new employees are leaving inside their first month, management can review internal procedures and examine the correlation.

Nina Marshall, who was a driving force behind the development of ‘Pulse’, said: “Since the launch in July, Pulse has fast become embedded in our learning and development strategy. As well as improving the accessibility of training, Pulse is making staff more engaged in their learning. Thanks to CPL, we have a bespoke app that connects with our staff and embodies our company culture.

From an HR point of view, the Financial Dashboard has opened up a world of invaluable insights. In the long-term, it’ll help us attain high standards of efficiency and business management. We are really excited about the next phase of Pulse, which opens up even more opportunities for our employees to manage their own internal career path.”

Andrew Rannard, who was appointed CPL’s account director in April, said: “We were delighted to be announced as iNTERTAIN’s Supplier of the Year. As always, iNTERTAIN are fantastic to work with. The effect of Pulse has already been felt across the company – boosting staff engagement and improving training procedures. Nina played a crucial role in the development, especially with the concepts of ‘Mojos’ and ‘Chunks’. It’s a fresh approach to L&D that enthuses employees to push on and improve. Not only that but combined with our big data system, it’s helping iNTERTAIN save time and money.”

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