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Corky’s has announced its new visual identity with the unveiling of a striking new sleeve

Corky’s Schnapps unveils a striking new sleeve as part of its visual identity...

Corky’s Schnapps are a range of 15% ABV schnapps driven by innovation, quality and range. The collection of 5 flavours includes; Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, and the glitter collection which includes Blueberry, Mango and Raspberry Glitter and are the only glitter schnapps available on the market.

Designed to be enjoyed as a single shot or incorporated into a fruity cocktail the Corky’s flavours are diverse and packed full of flavour.

The new sleeve covers the entire body of the bottle using vibrant eye catching colours that stand out and make a real impact when displayed on the back bar. The entire range is coated with the metallic new look which also features a partition through the label allowing consumers to see the sparkly liquid and bring the glitter to life.

Created to stand out on the bar, the new sleeve will be slowly released into trade subject to forthcoming sales, with the newly fashioned 70cl SKUS beginning to sell to trade in October. The new visual identity will be supported alongside a point of sale kit. The kit consists of posters, screen media, bar runners and back bar displays to further showcase the new look and feel of Corky’s.

Corky’s has had an incredibly exciting year in 2016 and has been involved with a number of exciting events including sponsoring Manchester Fashion Week and the BMD: Law, Beauty and Fashion Awards and will be the proud sponsors of Liverpool fashion week in October. Over the last month, Corky’s has also been showcasing its beautiful glitter feature by hosting a number of glitter events around the UK in Wakefield, Skipton and Doncaster. Party-goers had the chance to enjoy glitter makeover areas, glitter-cannons, sparkle dancers and amazing disco balls.

The flavoured schnapps has also teamed up with leading girl gang of creatives The Confetti Crowd for a cocktail making collaboration on social media which was been filled with sparkles and received a great interaction rate. The new visual identity will be heavily supported through trade press, national sampling campaigns and customer activity. Corky’s has highly engaging activity plans running alongside a big growth strategy for social media.

Flavour descriptions:


A perfect mix of sweet and sour, Corky’s Cherry Schnapps delivers an explosion of sour cherry bite with a sweet, tangy kick.


Guaranteed to bring your taste buds to life, the crisp apple flavour of Corky’s Apple Schnapps is refreshingly fruity with a sour twist.

Raspberry Glitter

Raspberry Glitter Schnapps has a unique, distinctive, raspberry fruit flavour infused with specks of glitter to add the perfect sparkle to any drink.

Mango Glitter

Corky’s Mango Glitter Schnapps is packed full of fresh fruity flavour. The tropical taste of Mango Corky’s adds sparkle to any night.

Blueberry Glitter

Corky’s Blueberry Glitter Schnapps captures the taste of fresh ripe blueberries swirled together with edible glitter to add a touch of sparkle.

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