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Kent Cider Co.

Eight years ago in a stable near Faversham the Kent Cider Co. was formed, brought together by an enthusiastic couple whose only goal at the time was to produce at tasty cider from the excess apples at the local orchard.

Whilst neither Mark or Serena had a wealth of cider making experience they both had an interest in persuing a different path of work from their career in Tattoo Studios to life in the countryside.

“A chance encounter with a lifelong hobbiest helped guide us along the way, but it was tasting and trialing ciders, listening to what our new customers wanted and adding a bit of our own flair that started to build our products into the success that they are today” - Serena.

Indeed the companies success has now made them one of the most recognised craft brands in the county, putting Kent Cider back in mind, winning regional and national awards and accolades from the national press, bringing back interest in Kent’s crisp and distinctive ciders and rich cider making past.

One of the things that sets Kent Cider Co. apart is it’s constant movement through product evolution and experimentation. As well as producing ciders with a multi award winning array of tastes they have also worked with the talented Sand Creative ( to create the exciting, contemporary craft cider brand that the new consumer wants. Kent Cider Co. are now getting international recognition for it’s bold look, winning design awards and garnering interest from further and further afield.

Sticking to craft cider roots Kent Cider Co. uses 100% pressed apples. “It always has to start with real fruit sourced from Kent orchards “ Mark explains “and then we like to have fun with it!, blending different varities and/or locking juice down to mature in Oak Whisky casks”. With fruit ciders being so popular right now the company also produces some fabulous “real” fruit ciders using seasonal fruits such as Rhubarb, Damsons or Cherries.

Stocking bars, deli’s and restaurants, Kent Cider Co.’s Cider is available in bottles and as draught via bag in box( both of which have a long shelf life) .This makes it easy for the business owner/consumer to get what they want. They can be found via their website , sign up for offers and news about new products and we have been told that there is a very special one coming soon! Watch this space.

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